Who am I? First and foremost I am dad to a beautiful little girl named Olivia. She is my greatest achievement and my dearest love.

Olivia Dec 2013 B (171)

Olivia lives with her incredible mum/mom Bianca in Johannesburg, South Africa while I am in Sydney, Australia hence the “Intercontinental Dad” tag line. As such I am very familiar with flights QF63 & QF64 between Sydney and Johannesburg which also happen to be one of the most expensive per air mile flights in the world. Thank you Qantas monopoly 😡

Work wise I head up digital strategy as well as social media and community for Electronic Arts across Asia Pacific, Japan, the Middle East and Africa. Five languages, ten time zones, three continents, twenty-six social channels and twenty-three websites keep me well occupied. Previous to EA I spend just over eight years at Microsoft with just over five of them with Xbox and the rest within MIcrosoft IT

Outside of that I am a complete zealot for sport, especially basketball, the various footballs, golf, cricket and probably my greatest sport love in netball. Yes, netball. A girl’s sport for sure but having played it for sixteen years against the very best both male and female has kept my passion for it strong. Although my career derailed my representative career I still try to have a run around a few times a year while also trying to do the most ridiculous Larry Bird/Magic Johnson inspired passes I can. The “magic” (pardon the pun) of a pass that goes through five people while not looking is intoxicating.

Speaking of intoxicating… I do have a like for exceptional scotch and vodka. In hindsight I’ve probably drunk a little too much of both over the years but these days I certainly limit my efforts. For those interested my scotch of choice is the Laphroaig Quarter Cask and vodka is Belvedere or Crystal Head on the rocks.

Leading on from scotch and interests I am a huge James Bond fan. McCallan 50 year old, Aston Martin DBS, Omega Seamaster and Brioni suit? Love it.

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